Managing projects, planning and support

The development of a new drug is a very complex, costly, and risky task. There are inherent difficulties in running a drug development programme successfully and the larger or the more innovative the project the more numerous potential problems can be.
Applying modern project management principles to the development of your drugs is mandatory for successful, on-time and on-target delivery.

  • We can help you to define and clarify your project’s objectives - prerequisite to generating the drug’s development roadmap.
  • Together with your team we will compile the activities that are necessary to reach your goal and estimate the required timelines in order to build the project schedule and plan helping you take your drug candidate from discovery through to proof of concept and beyond.
  • To ensure that the various elements of the project are properly coordinated, we can assist you in building the project team and integrating the disciplines involved.
  • We can teach you how to handle the outsourcing of parts of your project, managing partners and getting the optimal performance from them.
  • We can analyse the project management status of your enterprise and suggest measures to optimise your performance.