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Drug development is like finding an address in an unknown city - the better the roadmap, the faster one gets there.


At Granzer Regulatory Consulting & Services, we provide our clients unique and tailor-made support with European and US regulatory requirements. We offer expert guidance and know-how to optimise the time to market for your products.

We have successfully delivered on this promise for more than 15 years, for more than 500 clients in Europe, North America, Japan, Australia, and Asia. We perform over 150 Scientific Advice meetings per year and and have filed more than 50 complete fully electronic submissions to the EMA and FDA in the past years. Our mission is to ensure that patients get access to good medicines without unnecessary delay.

We employ a staff of experienced consultants who have previous involvement with small and big pharma. We also have access to an established network of specialist consultants with additional and complementary expertise, so that we are able to provide you with know-how unmatched in Europe.